Sunflower U-Pick


October 2018

Picayune, MS

U-Pick          Progress Report - October

Deer, disease, and bad weather have ruined our U-pick patch.  See the previous page for Plan B. We hope for better luck next year.​


Clean 1 gal jug (with cutout).

Water to drink (available $1).

    Garden gloves.

Sunglasses & hat. It's hot.

Clippers or pruners if you have them.

 (I have a few)

Bring a folding chair if you need it.

Bring:  a clean gallon jug with a cutout. Don't cut any lower than the "shoulder" of the jug, or it will be too floppy.

$10 adult admission includes: 5 large sunflower stems, assorted misc flowers & small sunflower stems (1 gallon).

Bring:  a by-pass garden pruner or pocket knife for large sunflowers. A scissors or snips will work for smaller stems.

Wear closed toe shoes. Wear mud boots if it has been raining. Check Facebook for updates. 

Free Sunflower Seminar   -   Aug. 15, 2017

Sunflower U-pick

October 2018


sunscreen, sunglasses,

garden gloves, hat,

closed toe sturdy shoes

 (no flip flops)

We Do Have:

Bouquet supplies: 

 rubber bands & flower food packets

$1 cold water


lots of flowers just for you

We Do Not Have:

kid's play area

kid's games


mowed lawn

Be Prepared​

​The ground is rough. This is a working farm, not a manicured park. Be prepared for walking! 

No pets

Not wheelchair accessible.

We do not spray for ants, bugs, bees.